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Spanish (SPAN-A)

2017 - New A level
Examining board - AQA
Additional course entry requirements:
Grade B in GCSE Spanish
Why Spanish?
Spanish is the third most widely spoken language in the world, meaning a good command of the basics will be helpful for more than just your holidays in the sun. Speaking another language makes you more marketable.
You’ll develop skills and knowledge highly valued by employers, such as a deep understanding of other cultures, attention to detail and problem-solving skills. We will give you the tools to master the grammar and vocabulary needed to express yourself in a sophisticated way orally and in writing, as well as to understand complex text and the spoken language.
You’ll have many opportunities to engage with the language, including an exchange trip to Barcelona as well as theatre and cinema trips to London.
A level Spanish will make you stand out from the crowd and is considered a facilitating subject by Russell Group and other prestigious universities.
Course content
In the first year, aspects of the social context are studied, including the changing nature of the family, ‘cyber-society’ and gender equality, together with highlights of Spanish-speaking artistic culture, including Hispanic music and cinema. Second year topics include life for the marginalised, positive features of a diverse society, and measures against racism, as well as aspects of political life in the Hispanic-speaking world. You’ll discuss issues such as the political commitment of teenagers, the purpose of strikes and demonstrations, and the politics of immigration. You’ll also study in depth a literary text and a film. Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to undertake an individual research project and explore a key question of personal interest.

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