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Woodhouse College
biology computer science

The Appeals Process

An appeal may be made at any point in the admissions process:

• Should an applicant not be selected for interview.
• Should an applicant be dissatisfied with the interview itself or with the outcome of the interview.
• Should the applicant not meet the College’s conditional offer.

Stage One: The applicant or the applicant’s parent/carer should contact College Admissions in writing outlining their concerns and the issues they wish the College to address.  This will be dealt with either by the Director of Student Services or by the Director of Business Operations who will review the selection procedure/ the interview process or other relevant information. S/he will then contact the applicant or their parent/carer to discuss his/her findings by telephone within ten working days of receiving the appeal.

Stage Two: If the applicant is not satisfied with the explanation given or the outcome of Stage One, the applicant or parent/carer must write a formal letter to the vice principal within ten working days  of being told of the outcome of Stage One.  The vice principal will review the steps taken by the director in Stage One, contact the applicant and their parents/carers should any clarification be necessary and respond to the appeal in writing within ten working days.

Stage Three: Should the applicant and their parents be dissatisfied with the outcomes of Stage Two, the parents/carers must contact the principal in writing within ten working days of being informed of the outcome of Stage Two. The principal will review the documentation from Stage One and Stage Two and discuss the steps taken with the Vice Principal.  He may also meet with the applicant and their parent/carer. The principal will put his decision in writing and this would be sent the applicant’s parents/carers within ten working days. The principal’s decision is final.

NB: Working days are defined for the purpose of this procedure as week days during the College term.