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Italian (ITAL-S)

2016 AS only
Awarding Body - Edexcel
Minimum requirements (in addition to college minimum)
B in the relevant GCSE language
Why choose a Italian?
Being able to speak a foreign language is an aspirational aim. Once learnt it will support any career you might choose, opening doors and presenting opportunities for employment, knowledge, experiences and personal development.
Studying an AS modern foreign language will give you a deeper insight into the culture and language of your chosen country, as well as a sound basis for further study. Possible degree courses include a language with politics, linguistics and business studies. As a result, the study of languages is often a solid companion to other A levels in languages, business, economics and government and politics.
Languages are employed in a wide and varied list of career choices, from primary school teaching to interpreting to journalism, international foreign affairs and multi-national business.
What will you learn?
The fundamental objective the courses is to help you develop an in depth knowledge of the language and its application. Your time spent studying languages will be challenging and varied. At Woodhouse, we like to immerse you in the culture of language as well as its mechanics.
You will expand your knowledge and understanding through a mixture of class teaching, individual and group study, debates, trips, visits, lectures and discussions. You will develop this through topics which may include media, culture, health, relationships, environment, multicultural society and contemporary social issues. You will learn to understand and express yourselves using increasingly complex vocabulary and structures, as well as comment on the use of language within specific areas of society. You will read and discuss literature, in short extracts, including using the internet, newspapers and magazines to research and support argument. Importantly, through expanding your linguistic abilities, you’ll learn communication skills and techniques for working effectively in teams, as well as solving problems.
The course is assessed, at the end of the year, through both written and spoken examination. Each year 70% of your exam will be listening, reading and writing, and 30% speaking.
For some languages, we also offer work experience in foreign countries during you first year, as well as various trips both abroad and at home.
Your progress will be further supported by a team of language assistants who will help you gain experience in speaking your chosen language fluently.

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