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Geography (GEOG-A)

2017 - New A level
Examining board - Edexcel 
Additional course entry requirements:
Grade B in GCSE geography
Why geography?
With growing interest in issues such as climate change, migration, environmental degradation and social cohesion, geography is one of the most relevant courses you could choose to study.
You’ll develop skills in written and oral communication, research, critical thinking, evaluating resources and statistical analysis. You will have the opportunity to undertake two days of coastal fieldwork and an additional two days of urban fieldwork. There is also the possibility of an optional international field trip. Past destinations have included China, Morocco and Thailand.
Many students go on to study geography at Oxbridge or Russell Group universities. A degree in geography will provide you with knowledge and transferable skills that will reward you personally and advance you professionally onto a diverse range of careers from disaster management and meteorology to environmental consultancy and town planning.
Course content
You will have the opportunity to study physical geography through topics such as tectonic process and hazards; coastal landscapes and change; the water cycle and water insecurity; and the carbon cycle and energy insecurity. You will also study human geography through topics such as globalisation; dynamic places; superpower geographies; and health, human rights and intervention. You will investigate case studies from a range of locations and at varying scales including population change in London; coastal process along the Dorset coast; water conflict along the river Nile; oil in the Niger delta; and the health and life expectancy of the aboriginal peoples in Australia.

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