Woodhouse Alumni

Whether you are a past student, staff member, governor or sports player, we want to hear from you and stay in touch! Building this network will benefit and connect all Woodhouse Alumni by reacquainting old friendships and forging new relationships amongst its members.
Woodhouse Alumni would love to know what you have been up to since leaving Woodhouse and where you are now. We are eager to cultivate interaction between alumni and to maintain our relationship with you. We will cover current activities and developments including input from past students and staff from both Woodhouse College and Woodhouse Grammar School.
Our team is eager to help you connect with one another and to provide you with a range of ways to continue your relationship with Woodhouse.
We hope you decide to take this opportunity to sign up and stay in touch with the Woodhouse Alumni community over the coming years. Woodhouse cherishes its links with all former individuals and we need our exceptionally talented, diverse and supportive alumni to help us continue to move Woodhouse forward.

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